Independence Day

As a child one of my favorite holidays was the 4th of July; Watermelon, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and those amazing fireworks.

Of course Independence Day is about much more than food and fun; it’s about a dream of freedom from oppressive governments. It’s about the price paid by the patriotic Founding Fathers. Those who saw a terribly unfair world and longed for something much better: Something the world had never experience.

The Patriots as a group were men and women of great respect for the Bible, for the principles of right and wrong and the morality of Scripture. When we go back and read the lofty language and ideals of that generation of soon to be Americans, it is inspiring. Of course there was the Declaration of Independence (largely based on the God given value of the lives of all men regardless of their station in life).

Then there was the long drawn out bloody war that followed, and while we declared our freedom from England in July of 1776; it wasn’t a reality until about eleven years later.

I could write for months about the efforts of our forefathers and the great history of America (the greatest nation the world has even seen) but that is not the intent nor purpose of a church bulletin. I want to talk about a greater Independence Day that July 4th.

This day is different for most of us. It is the day of our “re-birth” (John 3:3-5). The day that we were set free for the strangle hold of the devil (Rom. 6:16f). The day we were unified with Christ (Gal. 3:26-27). The day we died to self and rose in Him (Gal. 2:20).

The basic story of the Bible is that of a loving God freeing His creation from the bonds of sin. The devil is a hard master, a liar, a deceiver, and our adversary (John 8).

His will tempt us (Gen. 3). He will falsely accuse us (consider the life of Job). He will rob us of inner peace and joy, by enslaving us to our fleshly passions and fears (2 Tim. 2:26). Ultimately he leads us to both physical and spiritual death and ruination (1 Cor. 15:55-56).

Jesus on the other hand is the ultimate manifestation of Deity’s love for mankind (John 3:16). In the same context of the curse of sin being defined for us; God makes a predictive prophesy of hope of our salvation. Note, Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Throughout the Old Testament narrative God reiterates this promise; especially through the Abrahamic promises. This promise is expanded and expounded through hundreds of different types of prophesies. Some of which foretold of times of the events (Dan. 2:44); others of details of the coming Lord’s character (Gen. 49:10; Is. 9:6) and even specific events concerning His life and death (Is. 53).

His miraculous virgin birth (Mt. 1:21,23) began His earthly sojourn and the cross concluded it (Jn. 19:30). Three day later He resurrected and gave the world that final proof of His divinity (Jn. 10:18).

The Holy Spirit then recorded for us the message of saving hope (2 Tim. 3:16f). A plan if obeyed that would lead to salvation (Heb. 5:9).

Do you want spiritual independence? Then come to Christ on His terms (1) Hear the message of Hope (Rom. 10:17); (2) Believe that word (Jn. 3:16); (3) Repent of your sins (Lk. 13:3); (4) Confess you faith in Him (Rom. 10:10); and be born again being Immersed for the remission of your sins (Acts2:38).

This will be your Declaration of “Dependence” on Him… this will be your Independence Day.           

                                                                                                  Michael Light